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~.english of a desi teacher.~

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1~.english of a desi teacher.~ Empty ~.english of a desi teacher.~ on Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:42 pm



In class

* Open the doors of the window. Let the atmosphere come in.

* Open the doors of the window. Let the air force come in.

* Cut an apple in two halfs- take the bigger half.

* Shhh...Quiet, boys...the principal just passed away outside

* Both of you three, get out of the class.

* Close the doors of the window.

* Take Copper Wire of any metal specially of Silver.

* Take 5 cm wire of any length.

About family

* I have two daughters both of them are girls At the play ground

* All of you, stand in a straight circle.

* There is no wind in the balloon.


* You, rotate the ground four times

* You, go and under-stand the tree

* You three of you, stand together separately.

* Why you are late - say YES or NO


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